Closing financial data and contextualization gaps for generative ai use cases.
Democratizing access to high performance financial analysis solutions.

FinanceGPT Labs (formerly IPOXCap AI) is a technology company that focuses on harnessing the power of generative AI and machine learning to create innovative solutions that empower financial professionals and investors.

We are working on a quantitative generative AI model developed to enhance the effectiveness of company financials forecasting and stock price prediction, and a suite of pre-trained quantitative models designed specifically for the investment and finance industries in frontier markets.

Our mission is to close financial data gaps for generative AI use cases in frontier markets and to democratize access to high performance financial analysis solutions for everyone.


FinanceGPT is a quantitative generative AI model built to effectively model complex and non-linear relationships between variables. The unique capability allows it to capture the underlying patterns in stock price movements and make more accurate predictions. The model excels in learning latent representations of data, capturing underlying factors and relationships that drive stock price movements. These latent representations provide a more robust and informative input for predictive AI models.


FinanceGPT-MENA is tailored to navigate Shariah law and the intricate financial landscape of the Middle East and North Africa. This lean language model is adept at analyzing, researching, and reporting on the contextual economics of this region, which is marked by a mix of oil-dependent and diversified economies. The model is also proficient in native languages spoken across the MENA region, ensuring accurate communication and understanding of financial concepts.


FinanceGPT-SSA is a pre-trained quantitative model designed specifically to cater to the unique financial landscape of Sub-Saharan Africa. This model is built to address the challenges faced by investors, analysts, and strategists in understanding the complex and unique economic dynamics prevalent in this region. FinanceGPT-SSA is designed to be proficient in native African languages, enabling better financial communication and understanding.


FinanceGPT-APAC is designed to address the financial analysis, research, reporting, and decision-making needs of the diverse and rapidly growing Asia-Pacific region. This lean language model is capable of understanding and generating content in native languages spoken across the region, ensuring accurate and inclusive financial communication. FinanceGPT-APAC is specifically built to cater to the unique economic contexts of frontier markets in the Asia-Pacific.