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Generative AI Apply Program

The FinanceGPT Labs Generative AI Apply Program equips your organization’s teams to leverage pre-built generative AI models and integrate them seamlessly into existing financial workflows. This program focuses on the practical application of generative AI, empowering participants to identify opportunities, select appropriate models, and implement them effectively to achieve tangible business benefits.

Through a blend of interactive workshops, industry-specific case studies, and hands-on training, participants gain the skills to:

  • Evaluate generative AI solutions for specific financial use cases.
  • Prepare data for optimal model performance.
  • Integrate generative AI models into existing workflows.
  • Interpret and analyze model outputs for actionable insights.
  • Monitor and manage model performance over time.

Module 1: Introduction to Generative AI Applications in Finance

Module 2: Evaluating and Selecting Generative AI Models

Module 3: Data Preparation for Generative AI Applications

Module 4: Integrating Generative AI into Workflows

Module 5: Interpreting and Analyzing Generative AI Outputs

Module 6: Managing and Monitoring Generative AI Applications

Module 7: Case Studies in Applied Generative AI

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Enrolled: 30 students
Level: Intermediate
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