Closing financial data and contextualization gaps for generative ai use cases.
Democratizing access to high performance financial analysis solutions.

FinanceGPT Labs (formerly IPOXCap AI) is a technology company that focuses on harnessing the power of generative AI and machine learning to create innovative solutions that empower financial professionals and investors.

We are working on a quantitative generative AI framework developed to enhance the effectiveness of analysis of time series movements to improve forecasting and predictions.

Our mission is to close financial data gaps for generative AI use cases in frontier markets and to democratize access to high performance financial analysis solutions for everyone.


In the complex world of finance, there is a growing demand for intelligent systems that can understand, analyse, and predict financial trends and data. Existing solutions, such as LLMs and predictive AI, often struggle with interpreting intricate financial reports, predicting market trends, or generating insightful investment strategies. Furthermore, ensuring the accuracy, reliability, and ethical use of such systems in the sensitive field of finance is a significant challenge.


FinanceGPT is a quantitative generative AI framework built to effectively model complex and non-linear relationships between variables. This unique capability allows it to capture the underlying patterns in time series movements and make more accurate predictions. The framework excels in learning latent representations of data, capturing underlying factors and relationships that drive time series movements. These latent representations provide a more robust and informative input for predictive AI models.


FinanceGPT, through its VAE-GAN architecture, effectively models intricate and non-linear relationships that are often observed in financial data. This provides a more nuanced understanding of the underlying patterns that influence time series movements.


FinanceGPT generates synthetic data, which can effectively supplement the limited availability of historical data. This feature not only broadens the scope of data for model training but also enhances the robustness of its models by providing a wider range of scenarios for it to learn from.


FinanceGPT is equipped with the capability to learn latent representations of data. This allows its models to capture the inherent structure and complexity of financial data, thereby enabling it to make more accurate and reliable predictions.


FinanceGPT is designed to adapt to changing market conditions, a crucial feature in the volatile world of finance. By being able to adapt to these changes, FinanceGPT can maintain its performance and reliability, even in the face of market turbulence.

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